An Adventure Awaits

Chapters come to an end and new stories begin. You may be wondering, “What is Silver Shores Photography? Where is Sojourner Photos?” Well let me tell you. Sojourner Photos was a dream of mine. A hobby of photographing everything in sight became a chance for me to capture the joy of others. Sojourner Photos was a chapter for me as a photographer. Now that chapter is ending, and Silver Shores Photography is taking its place as a new thrilling adventure! Sojourner Photos was an adventure for me, as an individual, to discover who I was as an artist. I think I did. I found that light is a luxury but so are the shadows a blessing. I learned every blemish has a purpose and the greatest success is learning to love your work in all seasons. Now I find myself embarking on a new journey with my husband, Matthew, by my side. He has always cheered me on, encouraged me in photography, and kept a curious eye on everything I was doing! As his love for the art has grown, so has his talent. So with a full heart and expectant spirit, I welcome my husband as a fellow artist on this journey! Silver Shores is the next chapter of this story. It is the next stage of life as we sail through time holding onto memories we treasure. Silver Shores is a daunting path of which Sojourner Photos desired to see. Matthew and I are excited to take this adventure together, and with you. As we’ve been saying since our dating days, “Yonder forth!”