The Woods | Love

If you haven't figured it out yet, we are big fans of Paul and Kristen. Almost every week you will find Kristen and I at a local coffee shop called Sippers, enjoying strong coffee and deep conversation. When we double date, you can bet lots of laughs will ensue.

So when they ask us to come photograph their engagement, wedding, and newlywed life, we jump at the chance. Not only are we so incredibly thankful for their support of our dreams, we are so thankful to spend the extra time with them. Like I've said before, Paul and Kristen are a blessing to know.

It was such a joy touching base after a month of their marriage and further documenting their love. And Christmastime is the perfect time to show the love! For their Christmas photos we decided a pajama session would be fun and cozy! Editing these kept me smiling!

Kristen then brought out these absolutely adorable mugs! Oh, you can bet Matthew and I went straight home and started decorating for Christmas after seeing these!

One of the highlights from this session was having little Penny involved. She is the sweetest puppy! I think she thoroughly enjoyed being the center of attention and receiving so many treats for her cooperation!

After snuggle and puppy time, what is the obvious next step? Coffee, coffee, and more coffee!

Last but not least, it was time for us to wrap up the session and head out to church. Spending the morning with these two and sweet Penny made for a lovely morning, and finishing the morning off at church together made for a perfect day!

Thank you for allowing us to continue to document your love and life, Paul and Kristen. As always, we love you guys!