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This story has been waiting to be told since April. Yes, being a mom takes up a lot of time but to be honest, I just was never ready to sit down and think about what I wanted to say. You see, the three ladies in this story have a special place in my heart. Let me tell you why...

My older sister, Lauren, is a remarkable woman. She is driven, determined, and disciplined. Growing up we had our sisterly squabbles and heartache. But through all of that, one thing has never changed for me: my regard for her. Once Lauren sets her mind to something, she goes after it with vigor and accomplishes her task to perfection.

She holds tight to her convictions, despite discouragement from others. She finds a way to do what is in her heart. This is one trait I have always wished I had. An unreserved, relentless drive. I may not have ever said this but I'm saying it now: I admire that in you, Lauren.

Knowing this about my sister, these images tell a small story of her as an entrepreneur and mother. She is helping those around her with their health and fitness goals through Arbonne, while also raising and homeschooling her two beautiful daughters, my nieces.

I'm so thankful these girls have a strong and confident mother to look up to as they navigate this sometimes harsh and negative world. They see a mother who sets goals and accomplishes them, who plays hard and loves long. When the world tells them they can't, they have a mother (and father) who will tell them they can! 

You are a great mother, Lauren, and a badass business woman. Here's to you and the story you are writing for your life!